Surf’s Up at Billy Crafton Surfing!

Billy Crafton Surfing Hits YouTube

Today we’re launching the Billy Crafton Surfing Blog, welcome to the waves!

We’ll be covering surfing in general of course, but also expect a focus on San Diego area surfing, including the best surf spots and beaches. You’ll also find some information on surfing all across the California coast, which of course will include the best surf spots and beaches across the state.

And, as you’ve probably noticed above, we’ve also launched the Billy Crafton Surfing YouTube channel too.

At first, it might not seem like the ideal time to launch something new, but it’s really no accident. Since we are all yearning for more outdoor time and relaxation, whether in the water or just being outdoors, simply doing whichever activities you love the most, I’d say right now it a great time.

Plus, I know for many of us, surfing tops our lists this time of year, so here we go… welcome to Billy Crafton Surfing. Enjoy the sunshine!