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Wondering How to Pick the Right Board?

Like with any hobby, you’ll find no shortage of opinions when it comes to surfing! And no, that’s not a particularly helpful thing, especially when you’re just starting out!

When people ask me this question, I refer them to my favorite resource on the topic, the outstanding article on picking the right surf board from Jesse Merle-Jones.

Click the link above, or the button below, to read all about board selection, and no matter where you seek your advice, remember the final tip Jesse gives:

“The Magic board is not a myth!”

So Many Gorgeous Beaches in Cali...

San Diego is one of the best spots in the world, let alone here in the USA, to embark on your own surfing adventure.

Here at Billy Crafton Surfing, I’ll share some of my own personal favorite spots locally to catch a wave, not to mention some beautiful scenery along the way as well….

Billy Crafton Surfing FAQ

Below are a few key questions I tend to hear when talking about surfing, with people who are either just looking to get started or are simply curious about surfing in general.

Do You Need to be a Good Swimmer?

Although you technically don’t need to be a good swimmer, let’s be honest, the better you can swim, the safer you’ll be out there.

Where is the Best Place to Learn Surfing?

Although probably the most frequently asked question of all, it also requires a more complex answer. Scroll down for more…

Is Wearing a Wetsuit Required?

Wearing a wetsuit is really all about water temperature. If temps fall below 70 degrees, then yes, you’ll very much want to wear a wetsuit!

Billy Crafton Surfing Blog

Coming soon, the Billy Crafton Surfing Blog will offer much, much more on surfing, from great surf spots to the best surfing websites to some personal tips, and more…

Check Out the Video for a Quick San Diego Surfing Intro

Pro surfer Rob Machado gives you a super fast take on all the awesomeness San Diego has to offer for surfers from around the world. Like Rob says:

“Dial in and just have fun!”

Find the Best Surfing Beaches in San Diego

Looking for the best surfing beaches in the S.D.? Click the button below to check out the Top 15 Surfing Beaches in the San Diego area, per